Rare backwoods flavors In the last year or so. Chaney says Litwoods’ demand has increased so much that it surpassed the company’s manufacturing capabilities. So much so that he’s slowed pre-roll production and shifted his focus to expanding a Litwoods clothing brand.

The difficulty of keeping up demand was confirmed by Elle. A spokesperson for Packwoods, another Los Angeles-based Backwoods pre-roll brand that only started five months ago. Elle told MERRY JANE that even with a team of twenty rollers, Packwoods have been on near-constant backorder.

Rare backwoods flavors

Unlike machine-packed cones that serve as the industry standard for pre-rolled joints. Each ready-made blunt must be twisted by hand, adding hours of manpower and quality control to the production process. And even if you can train and schedule enough professional rollers to create a consistent product. You still need enough wraps to roll. While there’s literally too much marijuana being produced up and down the Pacific coast, Backwoods are getting significantly harder to find, even through legal channels.

Rare backwoods flavors

Plus, although Prop. 215 allowed the sale of pre-rolls wrapped in legally obtained blunts. California’s newly implemented adult-use cannabis regulations have made it entirely illegal to produce or sell any products containing both cannabis and tobacco, no matter where the wraps come from. This has added even more complications to the already-tenuous prepared blunt industry.

Both Litwoods and Packwoods source the majority of their Backwoods from traditional tobacco distributors, the same process followed by local convenience stores. But with the hype around Backwoods at an all-time high, Elle and Chaney both said that Los Angeles’ distributors have begun raising their wholesale prices. Not to mention, many stores still go days, weeks, and even months with the hot cigars sold out entirely. A number of companies, including Barewoods and Litwoods, also put out limited quantities of ready-made blunts wrapped in rare flavored Backwoods like Grape, Vanilla, Banana, and Wild Rum. But with such high prices for the cigars themselves, along with the uncertain quality of material, Chaney says trying to keep up with the hype of rare flavors is a losing battle.